The SMART Table 442i is a great way to bring students together to grow both socially and academically utilizing the latest and greatest technology. This unit allows educators to engage and include all students regardless of physical abilities and it captivates students with an educational tool that is advanced and fun at the same time. The SMART table engages preK-3 learners and students with special needs in active discussions, problem solving, and small group collaborative activities. It’s durable design makes it ideal for active classrooms and its stable pedestal-base easily enable wheel chair access.

From the classroom to the faculty lounge, offices, library or gym, SMART kapp is a simple and easy way to elevate collaboration in your schools. The SMART kapp is the dry-erase board reinvented. A simple, modern replacement to dry-erase boards, SMART kapp allows you to save and share notes as they unfold, all using a regular dry-erase marker. Available in 42” and brand new 84” models, SMART kapp complements any space where ideas happen. Whether it is instructor led learning, small group collaboration, or even athletic facilities for coaching techniques, SMART kapp is a super efficient communications tool.