87" SMART Interactive Whiteboard M685V

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*Projector not included.

Support for two simultaneous touches enables up to two users to interact with the interactive whiteboard using the included pens or other objects, or by using their fingers to write and perform gestures.

87" diagonal SMART Board M685V interactive whiteboard

Enables you to write, erase and perform mouse functions by touching the interactive whiteboard with your finger or a pen

The interactive whiteboard also features gesture capability, providing a natural and flexible way to interact with content

Freestyle interaction enables two people to work instantly start without having switching to a multi-user mode or be forced to work in a confined area of the surface

Smooths out the appearance of the digital ink, improving the legibility of your handwriting

A multi-user pen tray features quick access to ink color selections, the on-screen keyboard, and right-click and help functions

Includes two pens. The hard-coated steel surface is durable, optimized for projection and is compatible with dry-erase markers

Four-camera DViT® (Digital Vision Touch) technology  White and light gray frame finish